The Piezoelectric 211 load washer sensor that monitors cavity pressure on ejector sleeves. The core pin extends through the load washer, so only pressure from the ejector sleeve is monitored. The 211M18 boasts a 5,000 pound capacity and a sensitivity rating of 4,047 pC/kN.

Product Specifications

Sensor ID


Sensor OD 0.65"
Sensor Height 0.31"
Single Channel Cable C-LW003C10-F
Multi-Channel Cable C-LW003C10-A
Sensing Element Piezo
Max Operating Temp 204 °C/400 °F
Important Note If the load on the sensor will exceed 1100 lb, the sensor output will exceed the limits of the standard piezo adapter. Contact RJG to order a customized piezo adapter capable of reading the higher output.

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