Eight-Channel Piezoelectric Connector with Mold ID

The Piezoelectric Connector with Mold ID allows users to interface up to eight RJG piezoelectric sensors while maintaining a small mold footprint. The unique cable connecting system allows for easy field replacement of cables and sensors with minimum nuisance or expense. The interface identifies sensors and molds on the eDART® System so you can be sure you have the right mold running and the correct sensors selected.

Features and benefits:

  • Field replaceable cables
  • Mold identifying with equipped multi-channel Piezo adapters
  • Can be used with current sensors
  • Minimal mold surface footprint
  • Multiple sensors on one cable

Attention! PZ-8 Version 2 requires a deeper pocket depth, please review installation drawings carefully. If needed, a spacer is available.

Product Specifications

Connector Type 11 pin Fischer 104 shell
Max Connector Temperature +200 °C [+392 °F]
Max ID Function Temperature +125 °C [+257°F]
Number of Sensors 1-8

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