RJG Announces New Leadership

Monday, April 7

As of January 1, 2014 Dale Westerman has been promoted to be the President & CEO of RJG, Inc., and Matt Groleau (who has served as RJG’s President & CEO since 1999) is now assuming the role of Director of Marketing.

“We are all grateful for the many years of hard work that Matt has contributed while president of RJG,” said Rod Groleau, Chairman of RJG.  “He has grown the business and built an extraordinary leadership team while leading us into international markets.  He took over the President & CEO role at a very challenging time and put forth tremendous effort to rise to the occasion.”

“When I took on the role of President & CEO, my vision was to transform RJG from being a company focused on the USA market to a global business” Matt Groleau said.  “Since then we have established entities around the globe and continue to diversify our business geographically.  I feel great about the strides we have made, and look forward to continue contributing to RJG’s success in my new role while supporting Dale as the new president & CEO.”

“Leading RJG is an incredible challenge and opportunity, and as I look at the technical and business skills require to champion our innovation initiatives going forward, it was clear to me that Dale is the best possible person for this job, and I’m excited to have him in this role,” Groleau said.

Dale joined RJG in 1998 as the Engineering Manager, and was promoted to Operations Manager in January of 2001.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer and has his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University.